Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 11th Posh Nails!

Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year!
Yes, that is eleven glorious years in service.

As our way of thanking you, Posh lovers, we are doing a month long promo... from today until August 31, enjoy 11% off on all services (except grooming hands & feet*)

Time to try those special scrub, fetish and gel polish! 

Happy Pampering Posh lovers and Happy Anniversary to all of us!

*except grooming hands and feet, kiddie and change polish

2/F Maryland One Bldg
Gil Fernando Ave cor Estrador St. Midtown Subd
San Roque, Marikina City

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Times: Posh Nails Outing and Team Building 2013

As we celebrate our 1st year anniversary in our new location, and our 3rd year anniversary in service, we took the time to relax and have some fun!

Our team had an overnight stay at Alta Roca in Antipolo. Being a weekday, we had the place all to ourselves!

"Pose pose din pag may time"

 The girls all set to have some pool fun

Beauty Pageant Peg :p

Ready... Set... JUMP!!! 

Lap pool

 Lounging at the sun deck

Wine on a tall glass
Cheers to friendship and camaraderie!

Celebrating our June babies!

Silly faces

Videoke mode on!

With pools, drinks and food... we can only guess what happened that night :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Posh Nails Marikina Celebrates its Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 3rd year Anniversary in service,
and our 1st year Anniversary in our new location!

Exclusive to our branch this June is our “Come in 3, Get 1 free!” Anniversary Promo 
Avail a freebie as much as Php 1,350! Gather your friends and family and avail of this exclusive promo running from June 8 – 30. Appointment is highly recommended to make sure our nail techs can attend to you at same time ;-)

2 pax spoiling hands and feet, free 1 pax spoiling hands and feet
2 pax fetish, free 1 pax fetish

Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa

2/F Maryland One Bldg. Gil Fernando Ave.

cor Estrador St. San Roque, Marikina City
02-3995550 / 0933-6550202
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful Crowned Ladies

Posh Nails Marikina congratulates all the Bb. Pilipinas winners!

Miss Universe Ariella Arrida
Miss International Bea Rose Santiago
Miss Tourism Joanna Cindy Miranda
Miss Supranational Mutya Johanna Datul
1st Runner Up Pia Wurtzback

A shout-out to Cindy Miranda for winning Bb. Pilipinas Tourism, 2013. Indeed, you make your family and friends proud! Keep it up and we wish all the winners the very best of luck in their international pageant and personal endeavors.

Photo credit: Raw photos from Bb. Pilipinas Facebook account, edited by myposhnails


*Our Twitter post a day before the event

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Polish and Nail Art Trends

Polishes have gone from creme to frosted, plain to glitter, from matte to shine, from regular to gel...
and that's simply to name a few of the changes and evolution of nail lacquers.

Can you imagine what more for nail art trends? Just last year, we were big on the crack polish trend, also known as Shatter (by OPI) and Crackle (by China Glaze). There was also the magnetic nail art trend, known as Magentix (by China Glaze)

This year, we see caviar, velvet, foil, ombre, glitter and accent nails. Although these trends have been in the market for some time, it's becoming more and more popular this season. At Posh Nails, we try our best to meet, even exceed your artistic nail art cravings. Do call us in advance for your appointment, discuss with us your nail art peg or bring a photo of your inspiration. 

6 Nail Art Trends we are loving now!

1) BEADS - Beaded nails more popularly coined as Caviar Nails

We are also digging accent nail, where the ring or pointed finger stands out from the rest of your nails. We love bling and/or contrasting color. On above and below photo, accent nail design is Caviar.

2) TEXTURE -  Do you notice the texture of the blue polish below? Yes, it is as textured as it looks (and feel!). It's velvet! 

3) GRADIENT - We are also loving gradient manicures, also known as Ombre. On below photo, we went all vibrant to match the summer season

5) GLITTER - Shine bright like a diamond! Indeed, with glitter art, you'll be shining your way through summer. Here, it was used as an accent over matte polish. 

6) FOIL - And one of our favorites, the foil manicure. It adds the right amount of shimmer, texture and color to your nails.

Do drop by at Posh Nails for all these popular trends and more!

Posh Nails Marikina
02-3995550 / 0922-8255520

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brianne's Bridal Spa Party

Every party has a story. It is a privilege for our branch to be the venue of your parties. Thank you for trusting us!

A spa party for the "Soon to-be Mrs. Cadiz" :-)


Photo source: nursebianca

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Nail Anatomy

Have you ever thought of your nails having its own anatomy? Well, for sure it does, it's just too small of a body part to even think about it.

Below is a diagram from that shows the structure of a nail

Who knew there is a "scientific" aka fancier word for cuticle? It's called Epony­chium 

An excerpt from is found below that explains the specific function of each structure.

"The structure we know of as the nail is divided into six specific parts - the root, nail bed, nail plate, eponychium (cuticle), perionychium, and hyponychium. 
Each of these structures has a specific function, and if disrupted can result in an abnormal appearing fingernail.
Nail Root - The root of the fingernail is also known as the germinal matrix. This portion of the nail is actually beneath the skin behind the fingernail and extends several millimeters into the finger itself. The fingernail root produces most of the volume of the nail and the nail bed. This portion of the nail does not have any melanocytes, or melanin producing 
Nail plate - The nail plate is the actual fingernail, made of translucent keratin.       The pink appearance of the nail comes from the blood vessels underneath the nail. The underneath surface of the nail plate has grooves along the length of the nail that help anchor it to the nail bed. 
Nail folds - This is the skin that frames each of your nails on three sides.Nail bed Your nail bed is the skin beneath the nail plate. 
Cuticle - The cuticle of the fingernail is also called the eponychium. The cuticle is situated between the skin of the finger and the nail plate fusing these structures together and providing a waterproof barrier. Your cuticle tissue overlaps your nail plate at the base of your nail. 
Lunula - The lunula is the whitish, half-moon shape at the base of your nail. 
Perionychium - The perioncyhium is the skin that overlies the nail plate on its sides. It is also known as the paronychial edge. The perionychium is the site of hangnails, ingrown nails, and an infection of the skin called paronychia. 
Hyponychium - The hyponychium is the area between the nail plate and the fingertip. It is the junction between the free edge of the nail and the skin of the fingertip, also providing a waterproof barrier."

Now isn't that an additional knowledge for us who love to pamper our hands and keep our nails groomed (and pretty!) all the time? ;-)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Anne's Bachelorette SPArty

We got hungover with the love month as we celebrated Anne's Bachelorette SPArty this March.

We wish you a blissful married life Anne! Congratulations from the whole team :)

Thank you for choosing, Posh Nails, Ginny and Kristine!

For intimate, fun and memorable spa parties, contact Posh Nails at:
Mobile: 0922-8255520

Summer 2013

I feel the summer sun, the sand between my toes and that oh, so good thirst quenching tropical drink...

Be summer ready with Posh Nails. Enjoy 20% discount on all waxing services from now until April 30, 2013. Plus, flaunt that nails with crackle polish, free for every coconut papaya and lemon twist themed service*. Doesn't that sound so yummy? Perfect theme for summer!

Enjoy the season! Visit your favorite Posh Nails branch near you :)

Posh Nails Marikina
FB, Twitter & Instagram: myposhnails
Pampering you 10am to 11pm (10:30pm last call)

*Themed service promo offer for Posh Nails Marikina

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Month Special Offer

A gift for you this love month, Posh lovers!

Freebies and discounts to enjoy even more the pampering your hands and feet deserve
See poster for details :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines!

Dear Valued Clients, 

Happy Valentine's! May your life be filled with pampering and much love :)

With Love, 
Posh Nails Marikina Family

Valentine's Promo 2013

Our gelicure (gel polish) prices are competitive as it is, but to add more love this red month, we're giving 10% off hand gelicure for every spoiling feet!

Try the most raved gel polish at Posh Nails :-)

For appointments and reservations, call us at 02-3995550

Posh Nails Marikina

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's all about SPARTIES!

The past few months, we've been celebrating birthdays and bridal showers.
Whatever your special occasion may be, or even just a get together with friends, enjoy the moment and leave the pampering to us!

And who says it's for adults and girls only?

Make your day even more memorable and special than it already is :)

Posh Nails SPArty

Friday, January 18, 2013

Roanne's Spa Party

Spend your birthday at Posh Nails and get the pampering you and your guests deserve... the Posh way!

Our chic and sweet nail salon becomes your SPArty venue.

Intimate, relaxed and pampered

Have fun, leave the pampering to us!

Packages and consumables are available.
For inquiries and reservations, contact us at 0922-8255520

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gran's Bridal Spa Party

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." -Khalil Gibran 

Amidst the season of giving and sharing, 
we had a celebration of LOVE and friendship

Bridal spa party for Ms. Gran

The bride, successfully surprised by her maid of honor and bridesmaids



 Adorable cupcakes

Chic monogrammed cake


Happy guests :-)

Thank you Ms. Jessica!

**Photos are for viewing purposes only, copyright from client

For intimate, fun and memorable spa parties, contact Posh Nails at:
Mobile: 0922-8255520