Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nail Art 101: Sticker


That's only few of the impressions nail art can give

I am no expert on Nail Art. At least not yet. But don't we all start from somewhere?
In my case I started with these lovely stickers!

Since I will soon open my own nail salon... this just has to happen. I've been wanting to learn, now is the time.

At Posh Nails, we do have nail technicians that are well-trained for this, trained to be experts. But for the fun of it, and for the longest time I've been eyeing this art, no better time to learn than now:)

Follow me as I explore the beauty of nail art and unleash the creative prowess in me :)

To create above look:

1. Paint your nails with a silvery tone. In this case, I used Revlon Iced Silver (You can paint your nails with a base coat first if you prefer)
2. Choose the stickers from the set
3. Stick them on your nails, placing them in different orientation for a non-mono look.
4. Top it off with clear polish or top coat of your choice. I used L'Oreal top coat. Adding clear polish on top of your sticker will ensure better adhesion

On these nails: Revlon Iced Silver, Elianto 3D nail sticker

Is my first take good enough?

*Please don't mind my unclean nails. I was very eager to try the 3D stickers :p

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