Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cuteness Overload

Warning, this post is CUTENESS OVERLOAD! See how 4 to 5-year old kids party nowadays.

Kids Party in Style!

Zya celebrated her 5th Birthday at Posh Nails...

Zya's Spa Party Menu

Happy Birthday, Princess Zya!

She came in, in a one-shoulder maxi dress. Fashionista!

Nail art for the celebrant

Pink nails - check!
Flower nail art - check!
Princess ring - check!

Guests had their nails decorated too

Little princesses getting their nails done

Pink polish was a favorite :)

Change outfit for the celebrant

The kids chit chatting over "cocktail drinks"

Hai. Cuteness overload!!

Happy Happy Birthday Zya!!

(Click on the picture to view full size -- and see how cute these little girls are)

Thank you Ms. Onette, you did a great job! :) Thanks to all the guests too for spending this special day with us. We had fun!!

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