Saturday, October 20, 2012

More than a Lotion

Have you tried the most raved moisturizing product? We just love Cuccio Naturale Lyte Ultra-Sheer Body Butter. With 10x the moisturizing power of lotion and 24-hr hydration, Cuccio Lytes are one of the best. Infused with essential vitamins and botanical extracts to help make skin appear more vibrant, with a healthy glow you desire.

Cuccio Naturale Lyte Ultra-Sheer Body Butter delivers 24-hours of time-released emollients to soften extremely dry skin. 

Tuscan Citrus & White Tea - Boost and brighten your skin tone with the blend of white tea and Tuscan citrus. White tea contains polyphenols to help increase the skin's elasticity.

Honey & Soy Milk - Helps regenerate damaged tissue and skin cells. High in Vitamin E and natural humectants to soften and condition the skin.

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